the one hundred

December 8, 2012

I've just finished The One Hundred book by Nina Garcia and now I am all into doing my one hundred list of pieces that I love. But first about the book. So, I love the design of the book and  I adore all the pictures by Ruben Toledo. The book by itself just flows... Chapters begin with attention grabbing introductions followed by  advice how to wear each piece, examples where to buy them, a short interesting history lesson and a quote. As a surprise, even history trivia flows and definitely caught my eye. It's obvious that the book is the author's guide to the pieces every stylish women must own. So it's just the inspiration. Surely not everybody can allow themselves for example on Missoni knit or Hermes scarf, nevertheless it was fun to read it.

Before I create my the one hundred list, I picked my 10 favorite pieces from the Nina Garcia's style:
1. Ballet flats
2. Blazer
3. Charm Bracelet
4. Watch
5. Knee boots
6. Nail Polish
7. Valid passport
8. Cosmetic Bag
9. Perfume
10.Statement necklace.

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