greyish obsession with hints of purple

January 29, 2013

I think I'm a little or even more than a little addicted to muted greyish colors with hints of purple. For my husband, I'm pretty sure not just for him, all of them are pretty much the same.  However, I really see the difference not only in brand and their quality, but definitely in shades. For me these tones are the new black and they are chic, classy and catch the eye.

Even though I tried them all, not every of these nail polish colors I like. My favorite ones are: Sally Hansen Fearless Fog, Zoya Jana, Revlon Stormy Night, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, and my favorite from favorites is definitely Zoya Jana. I really adore this color and I could wear it all the time. Plus, it's a brand whose nail polish colors are toxic free from the 'toxic trio'. A great article on this topic you can find  here.
To get the right shade and not to have any see-through,  I usually apply  two coats. And how long does it last? Well, it depends. Having two kids and being a full time mom who cooks, cleans, and sometimes plays silly games with her kids can cause my nail polish to peel of quickly,  so three days without any damage is as good as it gets.  ;).

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