strawberry chocolate fondue delight- valentine's day treat

January 28, 2013

There is no better way to spend a valentine's day, any romantic day or just have fun with kids than making chocolate and strawberry fondue. Just by thinking about it makes my mouth water.
What is great about the fondue, it's easy to make, looks gorgeous and tastes scrumptious. You can vary the fruit, chocolate and embellish by adding nuts, sprinkles or crumbled cookies. The only thing that needs to be done earlier is buying a fondue set.

Here is what you need:
strawberries (or other fruit),
chocolate (my fave is Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Almonds), 
sprinkles, nuts, crumbled cookies (optional)
fondue set ( a small one is perfect).

P.S.Unfortunately, I don't have any photos with dipped strawberries, because it was so delicious that I forgot to take a break for shooting. So, when we started eating strawberries, they just disappeared immediately. Plus our kids had so much fun.

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  1. Yum! Love chocolate covered strawberries!


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