basil & feta croissant delight

February 11, 2013

Croissants with basil and feta are to die for. Great as an appetizer or as a side to dinner. Whenever, I make them or whoever makes them, they are always a hit. 

2 packages of croissant rolls (8 rolls in each)
8 oz feta cheese
7 medium fresh basil leaves
2 egg yolk
dried basil herbs

Preheat oven as specified on package of croissant rolls (usually 375 F). Mix together feta cheese, fresh basil leaves and 1 egg yolk with hand blender. Fill croissant rolls with the mix and roll them. Spread egg yolk on top of filled rolls and sprinkle them with dried basil herbs. Bake as specified on package of croissant rolls (usually 10 minutes). 

Bon Appetit!

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