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March 18, 2013

Here is a list of my favorite hair products that I can surely recommend because they simply work great. 
      WASH - love both shampoos: Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx shampoo great for broken hair weakened from hair coloring and heat styling ( nurses hair ), Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco shampoo moisturizes hair and makes it shimmer.
CONDITION Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx conditioner great for brittle and weakened hair 
( smooths hair ).
            FORTIFY Fekkai PrX Intensive Mask to strengthen hair ( lasts long, use once a week, I keep it in up to an hour to get best results ).
       NOURISH - obsessed :), more here...
         PROTECT FROM HEAT -  Ciment Thermique advised by my sister and so far best heat protector ever :)
          GET VOLUME 'pure - abundance' Style- Prep boosts hair volume & Volumizing Tonic lifts the roots 
   ( small- travel size lasts long ).

What are your hair essentials?


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  2. We want more recipies!

  3. Thanks for the tips :)


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  5. I love Bumble & Bumble and Aveda hair products - they smell amazing!

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