homemade panini delight

March 28, 2013

Maybe it sounds funny, but I'm a bread lover. If I could, I would love to eat it everyday...fresh french baguette is my obsession...but I'm a little:) obsessive about my figure too, so not to often I allow myself some white bread:). I especially love to eat it as a panini, which is really easy and quick to make 
(even if you don't have panini press- I still don't...:). 
So, last weekend having my friends over, I made these paninis, and everybody really enjoyed them. 
( at least they said so :).

fried chicken breast or grilled chicken ( shredded )
cream cheese
shredded mozarella cheese or mexican cheese
tomatoes (sliced)
onion (sliced)

Spread bread with cream cheese and add all the remaining ingredients as desired. Warm the sandwich on both sides on a skillet ( or best option- use panini press if you have one) just to enough to brown the bread on both sides (make sure that cheese is melted). I served them with mayo and ketchup mixed together.
Bon appetit!


  1. OMG they seems so delicious :)
    Thanks for that recipe !


    Coline ♡

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