spring style - neutral maxi skirt with touch of black

March 6, 2013

biker jacket // bag // t-shirt splurgesteal // maxi skirt // bracelet // watch // ballet flats // nail color

Maxi skirts always bring memories of my teenage years when I was a pretty rebellious kid who listened to metal music and always wore long black skirts with t-shirts and boots. As I was growing up, my style grew with me and has developed definitely into a more  feminine style. I'm still not a big fan of very girly looks  (floral dresses etc...yet I like them on everyone else besides me), so I like to add an edgy touch to my outfits. Here is my idea for cooler spring or summer days. Oh,  I'm really obsessed with this Lanvin t-shirt
( isn't good that we don't have to pay for dreams?... :)


  1. I love how fashion forward yet effortless this looks. Maxi dresses are my absolute favorite! Great pick!

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