mother's day gift ideas

April 29, 2013

With Mother's day just around a corner, we are all looking for something perfect. It's always a good idea to spoil our mothers with something special, maybe something that she always wanted,
 something that will remind her of us. 
So, if you still need some ideas and inspirations, here is a guide to a perfect gift...
these gorgeous earings and a Tiffany bracelet to give her a little sparkle,
her favorite fragrance or favorite beauty product,
a silk scarf, perfect for spring and summer evenings,
something classic,
picture frame with picture of the two of us,
beautiful vase with flowers she loves,
and last but not least
a cute notebook with a stylish pen with a special message ( how much you love her ) inside it.

mish mash

April 26, 2013

I still can't believe it's almost May...Three more weeks and I'm flying to Poland to visit my family.
 I'm really excited, yet scared  how I'm going to deal with my super hyper kids at the airport...but I shouldn't worry about it, at least not yet :).
So, for those who still need some outfit inspirations for the weekend, or for those who have shopping plans, here is my summary of looks from this month.
And, for those who still have no idea what to get their mother for mother's day gift, stay tuned....

Have a sunny weekend!

more inspirations mish mash 

white crush

April 24, 2013

I really love this all white trend for spring and summer. The color white brings so much freshness and lightness into the look.
White shoes or bags are not faux pas anymore and paired with a white top and white wide leg trousers 
or a white skirt create fresh modern look. 
So, white on white is definitely hot this spring and summer.

top // jeans // bag // shoes // bracelet
top // shorts // bag // sandals // watch // hat
top // skirt // bag // heels // bracelet
dress // bag // sandals // bracelet
top // pants splurge!!! // heels // bag // similar bracelet 

simple dress crush

April 22, 2013

I'm definitely not a dress kind of a girl, but there is a type of dress that I tolerate on myself. It's a simple, 
t-shirt or sweater dress, very minimal which works perfectly not only with heels, but mainly with flats making the look more casual, more for every day use. And, a touch of accessories may just refine the look.
 Though there is beauty in simplicity. 

dress // flats // bag // watch
dress // flats // bag // bracelet
dress // flats // bag

weekend style

April 19, 2013

Finally, it is warm outside and it is definitely time for all of the winter jackets, sweaters and boots to be stored away for the season (or at least I hope so...). 
So, to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, here are my outfit ideas for this weekend. 
Have fun and enjoy!

jacket // top // skirt // bag // flats // watch // sunglasses
sweater // top // jeans // heels // bag // bracelets
top // jeans // flats // bag

go with pattern

April 17, 2013

The patterned pants are definitely in this spring, and it's not hard to miss this trend since stores and fashion magazines are all into it. All patterns work from floral, animal to geometric prints. The key is how to wear them without overloading the view. So, my advice is just keep the rest simple. Blazers, simple tops and blouses, everything in solid color combination such as black and white or neutrals. This time less is better, unless you love to be in the spotlight. Then go wild....

first: pants // jacket // top // bracelet // bag // sandals
second: pants // top // flats // bag // watch
third: pants // top // sandals // bag // bracelets
fourth: pants // shirt // bag // heels // bracelet
fifth: pants // top // blazer // heels // clutch // necklace

summer beauty must: clarins protection tint

April 16, 2013

Since, I love Clarins products, I finally tried this day screen high protection tint and I immediately fell in love with this product. Even though it provides light coverage ( I additionally use a concealer  to cover some small imperfections), the skin looks luminous, healthy and smooth. It lasts all day and doesn't cause brake outs (at least for me). The only down side is the bottle. You have to carefully dab in order to avoid too much product, since you just need a little to cover the whole face. 
Definitely my beauty must for the summer! Bye, bye foundations...:) at least for the summer.

skort inspirations

April 15, 2013

 I'm not a big fan of culotte shorts, but these Zara black & white skorts are pieces that I would love to have this spring. I love their versatility since, they can be both worn casually and more elegantly, with both heels and flats.  
I'm still thinking which color to choose...
black or white...?

first: denim shirt // flats // bag
second: blouse // flat sandals // bag
third: top // heels // bag
fourth: top // heels // bag

things I love

April 11, 2013

love this blouse and its color
I'm thinking of buying these sandal heels
my lust -  Tiffany bracelet
adore this silk shorts
I 'm not only coveting these  Valentino flats... 
the black ones above are perfect too, plus they are less expensive :)

What do you love this week?

blouse // jeans // heels // clutch 
blouse // shorts // flats // bag // bracelet 

Have a great weekend!


April 10, 2013

One color from head to toe, just different tints, shades and tones...This spring, monochromatic trend is a must try, but...while there is nothing challenging about wearing all black or all white, even an all grey look is nothing uncommon in everyday style, the situation becomes more complicated when green, yellow, pink or cobalt bring the action. Nobody wants to look to sweet when it comes to pink, too bland when it comes to mint or just too cheesy in the color of your choice. So, mixing shades, tints and tones of the same color with a hint of texture may compose the key to a perfect monochromatic look. Plus, to wear an entire outfit in a vibrant color demands of us a bit of courage. 
 I personally, besides white, black and grey, love the green and yellow monochromatic combinations. 
What are yours?

white: jacket // top // jeans // pumps // clutch
grey: blouse // jeans // flats // bag // watch
mint: shirt // skirt // heels // bag
cobalt: dress // heels // bag // bracelet
green: top // pants // shoes // clutch
yellow: top // shorts // heels // bag
pink: blazer // trousers // top // heels // clutch
 black: top // jeans // bag // flats // necklace

Balmain inspired looks

April 9, 2013

first: top // jeans // heels // belt
second: jacket // t-shirt // belt // jeans // heels
third: jacket // t-shirt // belt // trousers // boots

Balmain love

April 9, 2013

If there is anything that I can call perfection, it has to definitely be the Balmain Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection. I literally love everything about it! From the characteristic leather jackets with piqued shoulders (of course), parachute pants, skinny and cropped jeans, mini dresses to the  blouses and simple t-shirts which, actually are THE t-shirts that if not everybody wants, I definitely want. Even the hair, make-up and shoes are perfect! If I could, I would love to have every piece from this collection....or at the very least just one:). 

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