féline meow

May 30, 2013

Can't have Céline...? At least you can have Féline Meow sweatshirt and t-shirt...:) I'm just obsessed with these two things from Brian Lichtenberg. Love the color of the sweatshirt
(so perfect for spring and summer evenings), and adore the simplicty of the t-shirt...
love, adore, covet 

sweatshirt // shorts // shoes // bag // watch
t-shirt // skirt // heels // bag // bracelets

be inspired...

May 28, 2013

I love to inspire people...and I love to be inspired....that is why I'm obsessed with pinterest, which is full of inspirations... For me it's an escape from the daily challenges... it calms me, stimulates my creativity and it has tons of pretty things that simply make me smile.
Because, it feels so good to be inspired...

blazer // top // jeans // heels // hat
jacket // top // jeans // flats // sunglasses

floral prints

May 27, 2013

What makes spring even more colorful than it is? Surely, it's the floral trend.
 From delicate pastel shades to very vibrant and deep colors, that remind us of gardens full of flowers. This trend is worth trying, even if we don't like to be in the spotlight. In such case I recommend choosing softer shades over the vibrant ones.
Simply pair them with white, as I love to, making the look fresh and bright.

top // shorts // snadals // clutch // necklace
dress // bag // heels // earrings
dress // sandals // bag // watch
top // jeans // flats // clutch // bracelets
top // pants // heels // bag // cuff
blazer // top // jeans // shoes // bag // bracelet

weekend style

May 24, 2013

Sometimes, I just don't get myself....A few days ago I was tired of the hot and humid weather in Cleveland, and now I'm dreaming about the weather warming up a little here in Kielce because,  I really don't want to wear warm jackets. So, to warm myself just a little bit, here are my spring sets which I don't believe I will be able to wear this weekend, but maybe they'll inspire some outfits of your own.

Have a sunny (and hopefully a warm) weekend!

top // shorts // shoes // bag // bracelet
blazer // tank top // jeans // sandals // bag // watch // bracelets

things I love right now

May 22, 2013

After a 16 hour trip, I finally got some rest and my life returned to normal, and so did my kids. So, to unstress myself after a very stressful flight, here are the latest things that I love right now 
and ideas how I would wear them.

both dresses this & that I would love to have in my wardrobe
these sneakers are a cheaper alternative to those Prada ones - just add a ribbon to make them cuter
love this futuristic top
 I'm not a big fan of patriotic t-shirts (besides these one from my brother's store) , but this zebra/ eagle t-shirt is really cool.

dress // shoes // bag // earrings
dress // shoes // bag // hat 
top // jeans // shoes // bag // ring
tee // jeans // shoes // bag // watch

weekend style

May 17, 2013

Having a crush on Shourouk jewelry this week, the weekend style sets are accessorized with Shourouk bracelets. They add a little sparkle to the simplicity of both outfits.
I also adore this Juicy Couture t-shirt and as always covet the Valentino flats.
As some of you know, I have a long trip ahead of me, so wish me luck with my two munchkins :).
Enjoy your weekend!

t-shirt // skirt // flats // bag // bracelet
blazer // top // jeans // bag // flats // cuff

shourouk crush

May 16, 2013

My most recent crush is definitely these Shourouk necklaces...
love this casual & bling bling combination, and love the fact that they are perfect from day-to-night.
Love, adore, covet!

airport style

May 13, 2013

Since, this week is all about preparation and packing for me, and I still don't have any idea from where to start (besides myself I need to pack my 4 year old and 18 month munchkins up for two months), I came up with few sets to fly with a style. 
It's all about being comfortable ( I'm talking about 9 hour flight ), yet stylish. 

sweatshirt // jeans // sneakers // bag // watch
jacket // top // pants // flats // bag // scarf // watch
cardigan // top // jeans // flats // bag // necklace

weekend style

May 10, 2013

Happy Friday!
 Do you have your favorite store that you love to shop at always...? 
One of my favorite stores is definitely Zara, but unfortunately here in Cleveland we don't have it, and the only option is to shop online or simply to go to different city. So, besides the main reason of my trip to Poland 
( my family :) I'm really looking forward to a shopping spree at Zara. And, definitely on my list are these two tops from these sets, a flowy maxi skirt, skort, and shoes...just one more week Zara....jk :)
Happy Mother's Day!

top // jeans // bag // flats // bangle
sweatshirt // jeans // bag // heels // earings

things I love right now

May 7, 2013

these shorts would be so perfect during summer time...love the color combination and the print
these black and white bangles are even cuter in person...fell in love with them! 
they would look great with my watch :)
just WOW! love, adore, covet! 

jacket // top // shorts // heels // bag // bangles

man's style

May 6, 2013

When it comes to men's fashion it is a little complicated. And I'm not thinking about fashion by itself, but more about men's view on fashion, especially for those men who are not into trends, who like to look nice 
( or maybe we want them too look nice :) but just don't know what to wear or how to put together pieces to look cool, but not overdressed or comic. 

First, it's good to invest in classic and good quality pieces such as shirts, polos, jeans, elegant pants. 
When it comes to colors, for those who don't want to go too crazy (with yellow, pink, purple, red ), besides whites, blacks and grays should choose muted greens or blues. 
During spring and summer it is the perfect time to play with colors.
And last shoes... I'm a little oversensitive with this topic, because if the shoes don't work, everything else won't work either....There isn't anything worse than bad shoes...:)

So, here are my ideas for those who need casual, sporty and elegant style inspirations in very safe fashion way...

jacket // tee // jeans // belt // shoes
polo // shorts // belt // shoes 
tee // shorts // shoes // watch
shirt // pants // shoes // belt // bag 

weekend style

May 3, 2013

Continuing the previous weekends style series, here are three outfit ideas with the pieces 
that I would love to have in my wardrobe :).
So, I really like these  heeled sandals and this gorgeous necklace
Zoe Karssen sweatshirt would be perfect for cooler spring and summer evenings.
And last but definitely not least, the dress that I LOVE. Everything about it is just perfect!
Enjoy your weekend everybody!

dress // flats // bracelet // bag
sweatshirt // shorts // flats // watch // bag
shirt // jeans // heels // necklace // bag

shorts love

May 1, 2013

If I had to choose my favorite spring and summer piece, it would definitely have to be short shorts. I love to wear them with flats and heels ( with heels it's good to be careful, cause it's easy to get a slutty look :),
as well  as with casual or  more elegant pieces.
So, if wearing shorts is appropriate for the situation or event than definitely go for this trend!
( the only requirement is well maintained legs :).
I could literally live in them forever!

What is your favorite spring and summer piece?

blouse // shorts // flats // bag // bracelet
top // shorts // flats // bag // bracelets
top // shorts // flats // bag // bracelet
top // shorts // bag // watch // sneakers
top // shorts- similar here // heels // clutch // bracelet
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