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September 13, 2013

As you may remember from this post
 (for me definitely...)
 is the best place to find inspirations, ideas, loves, and beauty in all of its forms.

There were a few things that I really really loved to pin recently...
J.Crew spring/summer 2014 collection
fresh and full of colors, whites and shoes matching the outfit. 
Decor ideas
bedroom lights- super cute,
(had similar decoration last year during Christmas and loved it, definitely doing it this year)
 flowers- together same colors, different kinds of flowers 
photo booth idea- great fun with friends & family
black and white balloons for a party- add a bit of style
Jessica Alba's haircut- love the length & waves, 
Victoria Beckham's look at NYFW spring 2014- effortless & simple
 chic & sporty combination from J.Crew lookbook - love the jacket
jeans & leopard printed top plus long wavy hair...fall perfection.

be inspired everyone...
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