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September 10, 2013

Recently, I've become obsessed with tops with built-in jewelry.
 And, if you remember from my fall wish list this stripe necklace tee, which I'm still eyeing,
with built-in jewelry is definitely my must have this fall & winter.

So, besides this tee <3,
I really love this Old Navy embellished sweatshirt which, even though it is a little baggy, will work great with skinny pants (mine Zara coated jeans) and black heels (Zara) providing an effortless look.

Plus, during the weekend I discovered really cool site Threadflip, where I purchased this amazing J.Crew necklace at a really great discount :)...the only downside was the color...a bit orange...but why do we have nail polish for...yes...I painted it in hot red and now it matches perfectly with the H&M striped tee.  


  1. I love this combo but also the tops with built-in jewelry! Seriously have you painted the necklace? It looks great!

  2. the embellished sweater is so gorgeous

  3. Loving the embellished sweater.

  4. I love grey sweater!!! LOve it!!!


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