pretty little things

October 1, 2013

Today's list is all about pretty little things that just make me smile. They'll may make your day and mood just a little sweeter without adding any calories...

1. A chic case with a wrist for your new iPhone :).
2. Need some inspiration? I <3 your style may be the answer....
3. Go for a run!
4. Brighten your to do list with this colorful agenda.
5. Just LOVE, WANT, COVET !!!
6. Add a bit of super cuteness to your hair.
7. Something classy is always in a style.
8. Style your phone loud with this printed case!
9. Color the rain with this cool umbrella.
10. Style your keys
11. Love this feminine laptop case.


  1. Really cool, like the necklace and the agenda!

    Fashion blog:

  2. Cool post! So cute :)


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