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December 17, 2014

pretty little things

December 2, 2014

It's been a while...I twins are 6 months old now and I'm finally getting back on track with everything....But past six months were crazy and I don't even know how the time flew....I still remember my tremendous belly and the pain throughout my body while walking, sitting and even laying down ;)...I still remember them being so tiny like it was yesterday....
Throughout these six months it took hard work not to loose my sanity with all this craziness with running a home. I needed some kind of stepping stone...
I started working on my etsy store, and finally it's alive!!!


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holiday casual

December 2, 2014

missing my old me

April 11, 2014

I'm terrible with posting anything during this pregnancy, and definitely the old me and the current pregnant me  aren't the best of friends. But probably in five more weeks I will be done and finally I will meet my two precious girls. 
Quiet frankly, I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. Singleton pregnancy wasn't fun for me, but's just too much...:)

And even though the weather is finally better with no snow on the ground, the temperatures warmer and the grass greener and greener every day, I'm little sad and maybe even mad, because I am missing out on the  simple things you can do.
I miss going to playground with my kids.
I miss running. 
I miss walking at the park with my husband.
I miss spinning.
I miss my clothes regular clothes.
I miss everything that I could cherish every single day without being tired, nauseous or cramping.
But, then when I think about going back to normal life, I know that all the "pain" is worth it. 
Because in the end I'm a winner.

shirt // shorts // flats // necklace // bag
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Have a great weekend!

thinking spring

February 6, 2014

I'm officially tired of this winter wonderland and if it's still going to be as cold and snowy as it is now for few more weeks, I'm not going to have a coat to put on my growing belly :) because I really don't want to spend money for something that I will wear maybe a few times and never ever again. Instead, I would rather spoil myself with this cute fitted coat from H&M or this very springy J.Crew sweater.
And speaking of maternity clothing, I'm still lucky to fit in my regular jeans or wear boots in my normal size because, to be honest nice maternity clothing is pretty expensive ( considering that it's just worn for a few months ), I think it's better to buy a larger top than we usually wear or use a maternity pants extender and wear our favorite pants.

Oh, and by the way this Monday we finally found out what we are having...there will be two more girls in our home... my poor husband and my son...four ladies at home is going to be a lot to handle :)
 ( more on little voguish world ).

coat // sweater // jeans // flats // bag // earrings

make it double

January 22, 2014

These past four months were crazy...
So, first of all we are expecting...and everything would be perfect if I didn't constantly vomit for the last three months....I was just miserable...but, I tried to be patient and believe that my sickness will be over soon
(it's just how I felt during my last two pregnancies more or less, so I had a thought). 
 Then we found out the reason why I was so sick...twins...yes, we are expecting twins....And to be honest the big news was a lot to handle...I can't say I wasn't happy, but when we were only planning for a third child, I didn't even think about the possibility of having twins for a sec.... So, it took me a while to adjust to the big news...and even now even though I'm still scared, anxious, worried, I already love my little ones and can't imagine not having them in my belly.
 I know it's going to be damn hard at the beginning, but impossible is possible, right?
Now, I'm five months pregnant, and I definitely feel better..I still have worse and better days, I still hug a bowl from time to time but I'm slowly getting back on track, and I am really looking forward to May to finally meet them. 

More to come on the little voguish world.

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