missing my old me

April 11, 2014

I'm terrible with posting anything during this pregnancy, and definitely the old me and the current pregnant me  aren't the best of friends. But probably in five more weeks I will be done and finally I will meet my two precious girls. 
Quiet frankly, I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. Singleton pregnancy wasn't fun for me, but this...it's just too much...:)

And even though the weather is finally better with no snow on the ground, the temperatures warmer and the grass greener and greener every day, I'm little sad and maybe even mad, because I am missing out on the  simple things you can do.
I miss going to playground with my kids.
I miss running. 
I miss walking at the park with my husband.
I miss spinning.
I miss my clothes regular clothes.
I miss everything that I could cherish every single day without being tired, nauseous or cramping.
But, then when I think about going back to normal life, I know that all the "pain" is worth it. 
Because in the end I'm a winner.

shirt // shorts // flats // necklace // bag
similar jacket here // maxi dress // sandals // bag // hat // bracelets

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ohh, I have so missed your posts.....Hang on in there, so sorry to hear it has been so rough! But as you say so, so, worth it! xx

  2. In love with the second look


  3. Great proposes, I love them, especially the second!
    A big hug dear, I hope everything is going well! :)

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  4. lovely outfits! wish you all the best!!
    please visit me in free time:)


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